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  The Capacity Building Team is one of the several departments of the KSIJ Dar es Salaam Social Services Committee.  This committee boasts, perhaps the highest number of voluntary workers, both male and female who diligently look after the social, education, enterprise and financial needs of community members and their families whose circumstances have unfortunately been unfavourable, or adverse in many cases. The Capacity Building Team, on the other hand, handles programs and events designed to meet the complimentary needs of the community at large – this ranges from awareness programs for the business community to deal with practical aspects of business such as labour, investment, taxation or economic opportunities, to setting up forums where young boys and girls of the community converge to deliberate on real issues like culture, leadership, education, social media and so on. There are several concurrent projects that are going on presently some of which are soon going to be integrated with this networking venture. Dar es Salaam Jamaat, being the largest in the region, naturally also has to deal with numerous issues that affect members in the community.  In times of a global economic downturn, for instance, businesspersons and professionals alike, pursue opportunities to enhance their goals under grueling circumstances.  Through this venture – COMMUNITY PROFESSIONALS CONNECT, we aspire to bring together the professionals in our community as well as those enrolled in higher or further education institutions in a contemporary digital setting that promotes growth and opportunities within the community.  And since businesses and service providers are an integral part of any society, their featured presence also adds to the wholesome nature of this portal. Registration in this website is not limited to members of Dar es Salaam Jamaat.  Any professional or business in any Jamaat in the world, is encouraged to be a part of this giant network. My team and I welcome you to COMMUNITY PROFESSIONALS CONNECT!