Mohamedarif Suleman

Living a full life devoid of idle time is worth a life lived in full
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Mohamedarif Suleman

Living a full life devoid of idle time is worth a life lived in full
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About Mohamedarif Suleman

I have been in marketing for well over 20 years, adjusting to the needs of the time leading to my current specialisation in new media (digital) marketing. I founded the first email marketing company in East Africa in 1999, which lives to this day.

I am also heavility involved in training on Marketing, Organisational and Communications subjects, with my specialty being as a trainer of Public Speaking, which has now led me to establish an Academy of Public Speaking.

Born in Mwanza and brought up in Dar, I graduated from the United States International University (USIU) in 1993 with a BSc(Hons) in Business Marketing, then went on to complete my Masters in International Business (MIBA) over an extended period of time while balancing my family and employment time.

I have been involved in community matters since I was 13. I was fortunate to have been a central part alongside a few of my colleagues back then to have set up the Debating Society in Dar es Salaam in 1988. This entity is has now grown manifold embracing several other aspects of community service today. As the current HoD at SSC Capacity Building, I preside over the bi-monthly TABLEtalks - a youth capacity building forum designed to promote expression of thoughts and views in a mixed gender environment.

As an ardent writer, I have been a former editor of the Knowledge Magazine in Dar es Salaam and a founder of The Community on Friday in Nairobi. The latter has now turned into a moderated electronic forum that brings together diversity of age and thought as writers.

I have also served in the past in the following areas - teacher at Husseini Madressa (DSM), Public Speaking coach (DSM), Committee member, AFED and AFTAB, Hon Secretary Nairobi Jamaat and Hon Secretary Nairobi Madrasah, amongst others.


  • Digital Marketer
  • Trainer


  • Founding Chairman  (Jul, 1988 - Apr, 2018)

    Debating Society Husseini Madressa Dar es Salaam

  • Chairperson  (Sep, 1992 - Apr, 1993)

    Inter-University Relations - USIU

  • Sales Intern  (Dec, 1992 - Mar, 1994)

    Hyundai Motors (Kenya) Limited

  • Editor  (Dec, 1994 - Sep, 1996)

    Knowledge Magazine

  • Sales Executive  (Jul, 1995 - Sep, 1996)

    Jaffs Limited

  • Sales Executive  (Feb, 1996 - Mar, 1997)

    Hyundai Motors (Kenya) Limited

  • Moderator  (Sep, 1996 - Current)

    The Community on Friday

  • Assistant Marketing Manager  (Apr, 1997 - Jan, 1998)

    Hyundai Motors (Kenya) Limited

  • Managing Director  (Feb, 1999 - Jan, 2008)

    Meadows Promotions Limited

  • Hon Secretary  (Jun, 2001 - Jul, 2002)

    Shia Asna Ashri Jamat Nairobi

  • Member  (Aug, 2001 - Jul, 2002)

    Marketing Society of Kenya (MSK)

  • Hon Secretary  (Jan, 2002 - Nov, 2003)

    Africa Federation Tabligh Board (AFTAB)

  • Executive Director  (Aug, 2009 - Current)

    Sokoni Advertising

  • Hon Secretary  (Aug, 2008 - Feb, 2009)

    Haydari Madrasah Nairobi

  • Director of Institute  (Oct, 2009 - Feb, 2010)

    A3 Institute of Professional Studies

  • Director  (Mar, 2010 - May, 2015)

    East Coast College

  • Team Leader  (Feb, 2014 - Current)

    Uhuru Walk

  • Head of Department (HoD)  (Jan, 2016 - Current)

    SSC Capacity Building KSIJ Dar es Salaam

  • Associate Director  (Apr, 2016 - Current)

    Meadows Academy

  • Coach/Facilitator  (Apr, 2017 - Current)

    Academy of Public Speaking


  • BSc(Hons) Business Marketing  (Sep, 1991 - Apr, 1995)

    United States International University

  • MIBA   (Dec, 1994 - Current)

    United States International University

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